Friday Night Lights

We recently decided for the third time to make our home in Chattanooga.  It's a long story and I really don't want to bore you with the gory details, but suffice it to say that we are still here and we're making ourselves comfortable.

Since we've been here we've tried different things to make Chattanooga enjoyable.  We've built relationships here, we've invited visitors to stay with us, we've enjoyed the city and all it has to offer as tourists ... now we're going try to live like locals.  In an effort to embrace local culture, we spent Friday night at a High School Football game.

I felt a little bit like I was in Dillon, TX.

The hubby was sweet enough to figure out which local football game was the game of the week and obviously that was the one we went to watch.  We drove twenty or so miles North to Cleveland, Tennessee to watch the Cleveland Raiders play their homecoming game against the Red Bank Lions

The homecoming queen was crowned right there on the field at half time.  It was very dramatic and full of lots of teen drama.  Apparently she wasn't the popular choice among the cheerleaders because a couple of them were crying when she was crowned and not in the "happy tears" sort of way.  Several rushed another girl on the court after the crowning.

There was one HUGE shocker for us too.  As each member of the court was introduced, the crowd was not only informed of all of her extracurricular activities but also WHERE SHE WENT TO CHURCH.  Ummmmm, Cleveland High School is a public school???  Where she goes to church, HUH????  The hubby asked me, "Is it bad that I hope to hear, 'so and so thinks it's none of your damn business where or IF she goes to church!'?" Ahhh, the subtle differences of living in the Bible belt.

After half time we headed over to the visitor side of the field so that I could watch some cheerleaders who were actually moving (Cleveland's cheerleaders were pretty pathetic) and the hubby could cheer for the winning team without being shot run out of town.

For most of the game I thought this flag said Rib and Loin which is a local Bar-b-Que joint.
I must have been hungry.

We watched the Red Bank Lions trounce the Cleveland Raiders.  Aren't you supposed to schedule a team that you're certain to beat for your homecoming game?  The hubby reminded me that our Alma Mater ~ Parkway South ~ typically lost our homecoming games too. (Yes, we went to the same high school... but we weren't there at the same time and never met one another.  We didn't meet until years later.  Isn't that crazy?)  I didn't remember our losses, but that's not a huge surprise since I don't remember a bunch of high school.

What about you?  Any fun homecoming memories to share?
It's time for you to brag ... who was Homecoming Queen???