Thankful Thursday/ Episode 59

I'm in the midst of a closet overhaul. As I mentioned here, I'm sorting through what needs to stay and what needs to go. I set up a few rules to easily decide what made the cut.

1. It had to fit WELL
2. It had to be in great condition – either easily altered or in no need of alteration or mending
3. It had to be versatile (versatile = it could be worn in at least 3 different outfits)

In the midst of the overhaul the craziest thing happened. I found clothes that I haven’t worn in nearly five years (so, pre-marriage). I’ve kept them around even though they haven’t fit because I love them and spent a considerable amount of my single girl income on them. They were all just a size or two below where I was living, so depending on the time of the month I could squeeze into them if I really wanted to look awful. These were sufficient reasons to convince me to hold on to them until now.

But, guess what? Apparently all this dancing and running and eating food from the farmer’s market has changed my body. Because all those pre-marriage, single girl clothes that I loved fit me again. Isn’t that exciting? I got a bunch of my wardrobe back!

Episode 59: “Today I am thankful for … unanticipated benefits to lots of fun work.”

Let’s get something straight, I didn’t start exercising again because I thought I needed to lose weight. I wasn’t unhappy with the way I looked. But, I can say that I'm way more satisfied with how I look and feel now. It’s not necessarily because I'm down a pants size. But more because I feel better, my clothes fit better and if I ever have to compete on Battle of the Network Stars I could totally kick ass.

So today, I am thankful.