Pink Sparkly

Next stop on the tour of Chattanooga was SUPPOSED to be Warehouse Rowe. Warehouse Rowe is this stunningly beautiful and nearly abandoned mall downtown. It is incredibly sad that most of the mall sits vacant since it has the most luscious wood work, gorgeous interior design and it sits in a fantastic (in my opinion) location. The reason I say it was SUPPOSED to be the next stop is because we took a few pictures inside but the “mood” lighting was not conducive to great shots.

closest we came to a usable picture… not ideal, see?

It 'twas a bit of a disappointment. But the thing is, these pictures were more about the outfit anyway. I'm kind of in love with it because it won me an award. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be included on the guest list of a third birthday party with a “pink sparkly” theme. There were two prizes awarded, one for best adult outfit and one for best child outfit.  Guess who won the adult prize??

I'm pretty sure the headband made by sweet, sweet Alyssa of just putting it out there… won it for me.

I can't believe I've taken this long to thank you PUBLICLY.  Thank you, Alyssa!!!

Before I tell you anything about my outfit, I have to show you a few shots of the party.  The hostess, Charissa, really is one of those amazing moms that you hear fairy tales about.  One of my friends recently described her as the kind of mom who does it all and does it all in 4 inch heels.  She's pretty spectacular!

Check out the itty bitty champagne grapes!

Oh, and may I introduce the birthday girl! Totally cute, yes?


Now for the particulars:

Shirt: Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Pink Hawaiian Pants: Old Navy
Sparkle Flip Flops: Last Seen Here – Probably Target
Handmade Pink Petal Headband: Courtesy of Alyssa’s giveaway several months ago
Pink Sparkle Cocktail Ring: Vintage (meaning I've had it for at least 10 years)

Oh, and before I let you go... Please check out my interpretation of high fashion posing. I wanted to share this just in case you were compiling a list of reasons why I DON’T have a modeling contract.
I just figured this belonged on the list.  You're welcome.