Photo Challenge - Days 18, 19 and 20

Day 18 - A picture of you and a best friend

Here’s the thing, this isn’t an awwwwwww moment. This is a confession moment. I didn’t marry my best friend. I married my boyfriend. When we were dating, engaged and even newly married I had several really close girl friends who shared the title of best friend. The handsome hubby was my boyfriend. BIG DIFFERENCE. Sure, he was my friend too. But he was NOT my best friend. It has only been because of our marriage that he has become my best friend. As our marriage grows through the good, bad and ugly so does our friendship.

Day 19 - A favorite picture of yours

This picture is one of my favorites for several reasons. First, I love the subject. How amazing is this sculpture (Igor Mitoraj’s Eros Bendato)? Second, I love the setting. As you can see from the Cardinals propaganda in the background, it was taken in St. Louis – a place for which I am feeling particularly nostalgic today. But, I think the main reason I love this picture is because it was taken while I was enrolled in a photography class, so I had a LOT of fun taking pictures that day and was really thinking about composition. I’ll admit it isn’t a brilliant photo, but it is special to me.

Day 20 - Any picture that you want

I chose this picture because it was a surprise. As I sat watching my nephew in awe at the Tennessee Aquarium back in 2007, I had to capture the moment. I had turned the flash on my camera off for some reason and “mistakenly” snapped this picture. His silhouette was a revelation and an unexpected gift. I had just wanted to capture him in a quiet moment, but because of my “oopsy” I got so much more than I bargained for… kind of a metaphor for my life.


I did it! I finally finished the 20 day photo challenge(in 2.5 months!!). I said I’d finish it by the end of August and I was able to meet my goal. Okay, so here’s what's next. You need to head over to Krystal’s blog Village (first to check out her adorable new header) and then to encourage her to host ANOTHER photo challenge. Who knows, maybe this time I’ll even play by the rules!

But before you go, tell me... Did you "marry your best friend" or is that just something we've been trained by Hollywood to say?