Photo Challenge - Days 12 & 13

I'm going to double up days in the hopes of finishing up the Photo Challenge THIS MONTH!
 I was absolutely tempted to join another Photo Challenge today, but figured I should finish the one I've started first.  

Day 12A Black & White Photo

Snow fell in Chattanooga a couple of times this year and I was in heaven. Even though it usually melted by lunch time, just seeing the flakes fall made me smile. I’ve told the hubby a million times how much I miss wearing all my super duper adorable winter hats, scarves and mittens. Thankfully, last winter I got a chance to pull them out of storage.

Day 13- A Picture from Last Summer
Jellyfish at the Tennessee Aquarium

I actually posted this picture last summer along with a few others that I took at a Jellyfish exhibit hosted jointly by the Tennessee Aquarium and the Hunter Art Museum. I heart Jellyfish.

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