A New Week

Last week was a little bit of a bummer. Between “hormonal” issues, some personal stuff and the stifling heat that drained me every time I stepped outside, I was in a constant battle to choose contentment.

Do you have weeks that are like that? Do you have weeks where you just want to crawl into the funk and wallow there for awhile?

Well, today I'm making a fresh start. Boy oh boy do I love a new beginning. Inspired by sweet Josie at with a wink and a smile, I’ve compiled a list of things that make me happy. I intend to fill my mind with these things today should that nasty funk try to reclaim my heart.

answered prayer
even when the answer is "no"
(OK, OK, so I'm working on the "even when the answer is 'no'" part)


the arrival of a new netflix

texting with friends through trashy tv

(or just dreaming of travel)

puppy kisses



literary escapes

farmers market treats

momentary realizations of just how small I am

the awesomeness that is the blogging community
and of course my friends and family who continue to faithfully return to
A Foreign Land

Cheers to a new week and to discovering new items to add to the list.