Fashion Friday: The Tour Continues

When I considered continuing my tour of Chattanooga, a list of sites began to come to mind.  Once the list was long enough I knew it was safe to move forward.  Honestly, we would have all been pretty embarrassed if I got three weeks in and was like, "Whoops. You've seen it all.  Here's my dry cleaner." Am I right? Anywhoo, a stop at AT&T field earned a spot at the top of the list pretty quickly. It’s the home of the Chattanooga Lookouts (the LA Dodgers Double-A team) and was the site of my first minor league baseball experience. For a girl raised in Cardinal country, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a 6,000 seat stadium and players that look more like high school students than professional athletes. But, as mentioned here, I was pleasantly surprised. The stadium is surrounded by mountains making the view pretty sweet.  We've decided Lookouts games are a super fun and affordable way to spend an evening in the Scenic City.

Now, before we set out to take some pics I had a direction in which this post was going.  In my head it was shaping up like this: we’d make a stop by the Stadium, do a few shots around its exterior and I would tell you a story about “Used Car Night”. (Long story short – one night a year they give away a used car between every inning! Seriously. The only thing that is as exciting as waiting to see if you’ve won is watching all the rednecks that have come out of the hills to spend several hours filling out entry slips. It’s pretty much people watching heaven.) Typically the place is locked up like Fort Knox.  You can imagine my surprise when we arrived at AT&T field and the whole stadium was wide open and inviting us in for some up close and personal shots. We nearly had the whole place to ourselves!! Nothing better than free reign to shoot until our hearts were content or we got at least ONE shot where I wasn’t making an awkward face.


Now, it’s true, I'm kind of a big deal in Chattanooga, but I had no idea how much of a big deal until that moment. I guess, people know me.  I mean its either that or it was groundskeeping day and we happened to arrive when the gates were open so the mowers could get through. Perfect timing or superstar status, I'm not splitting hairs here. I'll let you decide for yourself. Regardless, the open field upped the ante and made for MUCH more interesting shots.

note riding mower in shot which probably answers the above question if anyone is keeping score...

I have to tell you, there was another girl getting some photos taken at the same time. She asked me if I was doing my senior pictures too!?!? As in SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL pictures. You know the ones where the perfectly perky subjects are not even 18 years old and are completely devoid of gray hair and laugh lines and think arm shelves are a good posing technique? Yes, THOSE senior pictures. I almost kissed her on the mouth. And I would have too except I was concerned that I'd be charged with statutory rape!

Please, do not misinterpret.  Statutory rape is not funny. 
I just love to post pictures of myself laughing.

Now onto the clothes:

Brown Top: Sundress from Target
Gold Tassel Necklace: DIY project from one of my very fav-o-rite fashion bloggers …love Maegan
Sweetheart Skinny Jeans: Old Navy*
Leopard Print Flats: I got them on the ultra cheap at Rugged Warehouse

*Just recently, a lovely lady from Old Navy offered me a free pair of jeans as a “Thank YOU” for my loyalty to her store. I was so psyched I tried on every style they have and decided on the Sweetheart Skinnys. As a side note, can I just say that I am so over ultra low rise jeans? These are NOT ultra low rise and Old Navy had a couple other styles that aren’t ultra low rise either. Woo Hoo! The Sweetheart Skinnys have a little bit of stretch to them and more of a medium rise. Honestly, they feel like they were cut specifically for my body. Especially since they have a "short" length!  Totally comfortable and absolutely flattering. {FYI, there’s a Famous Jeans Fab Fair going on right now!!! I'm not being paid for that plug… just sharing the love.} Once I decided on the wash I wanted I took them up front and the sales associate looked at my free jeans certificate and was like, “How’d you get this? I want one!” It was a bit of a moment for me. I’m just sayin’… plus, I'm pretty certain these jeans are going to be a staple in my Fall wardrobe! Yippee.