An Earned Reputation

One of the items on my Ultimate To DO list is to try 25 foods that might make other people gag. There are very few foods that are as universally gag-worthy as beef liver. That fact made it an obvious contender for my list. So, when we bought a portion of a cow a few months ago and there was liver up for grabs, I knew I had to nab it, cook it and share the adventure with you guys.

Growing up I was never subjected to eating liver. My only experiences with liver have been fried chicken livers (yummy) and Foie Gras (double yummy). So, I was surprised by the negative feedback I received when I mentioned to several friends that I was making liver for dinner. My favorite and the nicest response was, “Why?” Let’s just say that nobody was jockeying for an invitation to dinner. I had been warned.

But I was on a mission. Even when I opened the packaging to find this I wasn’t too terribly deterred. I don’t typically eat with my eyes. What I mean is that just because something looks unappetizing doesn’t mean that it tastes bad. But, sometimes looks are NOT deceiving.

But, WOW.

I still gave it a try. I had discovered a recipe that sounded amazing. Bacon, 2 sticks of butter, mustard, red wine vinegar those are some strong and delicious ingredients. If this recipe can’t make liver taste good, what can? (we found it odd that there was no picture to accompany the recipe... until we started cooking)

But, cooking it did not make it look more yummy.

Unfortunately, sautéing several different types of onions and drenching it all in a delicious sauce didn’t look too good either.

But, looks aren’t everything, right? The important question is, “how did it taste?” Well, I’ll tell you. It was not good. I can confidently say that liver has earned its bad reputation. The gritty consistency and off putting flavor couldn’t even be saved by a pound of bacon.


I can happily report that the hubby and I tried it and actually finished almost our entire portions. But, we do not intend to ever eat beef liver again if we can help it.

I'm wondering, was it my preparation? Is there anyone out there that is in love with beef liver?