Q: Who opens a jar of Nutella and thinks to themselves, “You know what this needs? A little bit of heavy cream and a couple mounds of confectioners sugar?”
A: A mad genius, that’s who.

Today I'm happy to be taking part in a Bake-n-Blog hosted by Staci Edwards Design Blog. Staci had a brilliant idea a few weeks ago. She’s gathered a group of bloggers to make a whole bunch of cupcakes and get back together to report on how they turned out. Which brings us back to the mad genius… the cupcakes are all the brain children of Ming at Ming Makes Cupcakes.

I volunteered to make Cupcake 22, otherwise known as Sour Cream Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting. They sound pretty delicious, yes?

Let me start by saying the recipe was incredibly easy to follow and even an amateur baker like myself was far from skeered to attempt them. Here’s what I ended up with:

Actually, they're not too far from the original, huh?

Here’s my review:

The cupcakes were ok. They weren’t the moistest cupcakes I’ve ever eaten. But, it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to believe that that was baker error. I mean, we all remember the cupcake incident of 2007, right? It could be that I over baked them. I did follow the baking instructions, but you never know. Maybe I’ll add a little more sour cream next time I make them.

Now, the icing is a whole other story. It is ahhhhhh-mazing. It’s the work of a mad genius, for sure. We licked the electric beaters and wished for a little more. In fact I ate so much of the icing; I couldn’t eat a cupcake for hours after baking them.

And let’s get something straight. These cupcakes weren’t so dry that I haven’t eaten a LOT of them. I got no complaints from my sweet friend that I shared one with right after baking them. And a cold glass of milk and one of these cupcakes was the first thing on my mind after dinner for the past two nights. So, my actions should speak louder than my words, probably.

The frosting alone has tempted me to try some of the other 33 cupcake recipes Ming has posted to date. So, I'm headed to Staci’s Bake-n-Blog link up today to see which ones other bloggers have had success with today. You should visit too!

On a whole different note, how do you pronounce Nutella? My cousin recently told me that she’s always called it Nuh-tella?!?!? I’ve always pronounced it New-tella? Thoughts?