Thankful Thursday/ Episode 55

Hey Internet, I'd like to (re)introduce you to two of my besties.
(my smile is bigger than usual because we were talking about how amazing this shot was
sure to be - what with the gorgeous subject matter, and all.)

And these are a few of their kids.

It seems like in the past 4 years friends and family members have been popping out kids right and left.  One of the downsides of being seven hours away is that I'm missing a good portion of these rascals' lives.
But, wait, wait, wait... this is Thankful Thursday, not whiny whenever. 
Let me get to the thankful part.

My recent trip to St. Louis was a little bit longer so I got to do some stuff that I might have otherwise missed.

Episode 55: "Today I am Thankful for... a chance to catch moments of real life."

It was an awesome trip for many reasons. The main one being that the extended stay allowed me to really take time to catch up and just live some life. Instead of rushing around to steal the
typical hour long visits, I got to have entire days with people. I got to watch dance recitals
and drink leisurely cups of coffee. I got to experience unhurried conversations and even exercise
with friends. I know it sounds bizarre, but the whole trip felt more like real life than like a visit.


The quality time meant everything to me.

So today, I am thankful.

By the way, I really hope these poor little girls eventually come out of their shells. 
They are so shy and reserved, I fear the world will eat them alive.