Summer Fashion Week II

Summer Fashion Week started yesterday and I'm on a high from all the fashionable looks and sweet, sweet blog love that it has already brought my way. To learn more about the project and figure out how to get involved on YOUR blog – Yes, even you, the one reading this in your jammies… put the coffee down and get involved! It’s not too late – click here. Emery is hosting this week long style round up at her blog Moms are for Everyone! and participating will be good for you.

As I mentioned yesterday, you get an all expense paid tour of Chattanooga, Tennessee in addition to mere fashion here at A Foreign Land. So hang on to your hats!


Today we’re visiting The Passage (seen above) and the Aquarium grounds (seen below). Both sites are located on Chattanooga’s beautiful Riverfront. The Riverfront was redeveloped in 2005 to tune of $120 million and is worth every penny spent. It is absolutely amazing. The Passage (a set of stairs running from street level down into the Tennessee river) was created in memory of the Cherokee Trail of Tears, part of which began here in Chattanooga. It is the largest public art project celebrating Cherokee history and culture. Plus, it’s incredibly beautiful and fun to play in at any age! It just recently reopened after 2 years of reconstruction. Needless to say, I'm glad it’s back.


Then just around the corner is a man made stream which runs between the Tennessee Aquarium’s two buildings (fresh water and salt water). The stream provides tons of space for kids (and adults) to splash and play around in and also creates a gorgeous landscape. The entire park is basically one photo op after another.


The Riverfront is something that the city of Chattanooga has done right. It’s inviting, it’s tourist friendly and there are tons of restaurants and “attractions” within walking distance of one another. It has been a great place to take visiting family and friends or to hang out as tourists in our own town.  Clearly a lot of planning and thought went into revamping this fantastic area of the city. Another point for Chattanooga

DSC_0249 - Copy

Onto the Fashion…

{Today’s outfit is basically an elaborate excuse to wear this fabulous necklace.}
White Puffy Sleeved Top: Limited
Army Green Short Shorts: Old Navy
Brown Cork Wedges: Payless
Fabulous ‘80srific Jade, Coral & Gold Necklace: Hand-Me-Down from my Mother-in-Law.
Hammered Gold Hoops: I haven’t a clue, they’ve been in my jewelry box for YEARS
Big Brown Sunglasses (that make me feel like a movie star): Target

Now, just in case you think I'm kidding about the KILLER style that is happening over at moms are for everyone!, you should run over right now and check these ladies looks!

Don’t miss out.

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