The Next Chapter

I’ve mentioned here and here and here my obsession with love of cardio dance. Remember? {If you don’t, you should click the links and read the posts… go ahead. I’ll wait.} So, ya. Obsessed.

Since March or April of this year I’ve been attending classes faithfully. These classes alone are fully responsible for getting {and keeping} me back in the gym this year. Quite frankly, my love of these classes is surprising since right here I explained that generally I am terrified of cardio based group exercise classes. But there’s something different about choreographed exercise to pop music. And that something makes me smile and sweat and keep coming back for more.

So, imagine my total devastation when the teacher of the class I was taking 6 times a week left the Y. Arghhhhhh!!!! It was crazy sauce. I didn’t know what to do for like 10 minutes. But, then it hit me.


I needed a job. I have a dance background and even some teaching experience. I have the flexibility in my schedule to teach different days/times at the Y. AND I love Cardio Dance.

Fast forward one month and lots of hard work later and the class starts this week.

I got a job! Can you believe it?

Woo Hoo.

But wait, it gets better. I'm super fortunate to have a dear, dear friend on this journey with me. We’re team teaching! We’ve worked out all the choreography together and the process has been a mega blast. The whole thing seems way too good to be true. I'm ever so thankful to God that it’s all worked out the way it has. The staff at the Y was actually excited when we mentioned our idea and pretty much hired us on the spot!

We’ll finish out the summer with a prime spot on Saturday mornings (9am at the Downtown Location - if you're a local) and then in the Fall hopefully add several more classes to the schedule. Plus, if I'm interested in earning a bit more money I have the option of substitute teaching for other Y instructors and we also have an open door to take our class to any of the Y locations in the metro area.

Here are the beautiful parts: 1) it is a way to earn some extra cash (by dancing); 2) we get our Y membership free; 3) I get certified to teach group exercise classes FOR FREE – a certification I can take with me wherever we end up; 4) I get to use my creative side to choreograph the class. When you throw in that it’s an excuse to buy lots and lots of tax deductible pop music and workout clothes it seems like pure heaven to me. Also, because it isn’t full time I still have the flexibility to continue with the life I’ve enjoyed during my FUNemployment. That, my friends, will be good for my marriage and my psyche in the long run.

So, that’s the big news on the job front. Exciting, huh?

Oh and we decided to name our class HARD CORE Dance. (There was some drama with my old teacher’s exit that we don’t want to get caught up in). In addition to 45 minutes of dance we’ll be including 15 minutes of abs/core work at the end of each class. Which prolly just means I’ll have a rock hard, smokin' hot bod in no time. You can pretty much count that as another beautiful part, I think.