Chocolate Covered What?


Have you ever tried Chocolate Covered Bacon?

I have.

Just recently I had the mouth watering pleasure of chiseling away at my Ultimate To DO list.  One item I'm in the midst of completing is "Try 25 Foods that Might Make Others Gag." Chocolate covered Bacon is not your average dessert and it definitely has huge potential for being gag worthy.  So, when faced with the opportunity, I knew I just had to try it. The way I was thinking, "Bacon - good. Chocolate - good." Why not combine these two mismatched idols of deliciousness?

Now chocolate covered bacon is rather bizarre to the ears and a tad off putting to the eyes but it turns out it is actually a delight to the taste buds.  I gorged myself on this decadent treat at Cyrano's Cafe in St. Louis. I found it to be the ideal combination of salty sweetness. The two crispy strips of bacon are dipped in Cyrano's signature Gold Brick chocolate which solidifies to form a semi-hardened shell.

The first piece went down quickly.  But as I worked on the second strip I discovered exactly how rich chocolate covered bacon truly is.  Though I was initially disappointed to only be served two pieces, once I finished I realized that two pieces were plenty.  Any more would have sent me across the line into full bellied post-desert misery. 

I worried that maybe chocolate covered bacon wasn't gag-worthy enough to qualify for my list.  However, at a table of six people only one (my adventurous little sis) was brave enough to even try it.  Which I think is pretty telling when all six of us were women and there was chocolate involved...  I'm just saying.

Chocolate covered bacon is definitely not for the faint of the heart.  By no means are its flavors subtle.  The salty fried pork and thick creamy chocolate each pack a significant punch.  There's not even a hint of restraint.  But boy, if you're ready for an intensely rich and excessive indulgence, chocolate covered bacon is a ride you don't want to miss.