(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Remember when I mentioned how I thought my herb garden was going to turn out to be a complete failure?  (If you don't I wrote it here.)  Well, it turns out I wasn't completely right.  While the cilantro, dill, oregano & parsley have all bit the dust... the basil is still growing!  Wooooo Hooey!

There lots more Wordless Wednesday fun over at A Daily Dose of Toni & Misadventures with Andi.


Olivia said...

Way to go! Basil's my favorite anyway! Are you still dancing? I went today, but there was no dance class. Ugh! I may go to the 4:30 tomorrow.

Unknown said...

True...basil does seem to get used the most. It looks pretty!

Together We Save said...

Yeah for Basil!!