Thankful Thursday/ Episode 47

A couple weeks ago I ran out of Melatonin. Have you heard of Melatonin? (DISCLAIMER: I’M NOT A SCIENCEY TYPE O’ GAL – read the next sentences with that in mind) It’s a hormone that’s supposed to be produced in our brain that controls our sleep/wake cycles. It tells us, “You’re tired now, fall asleep.” And the good news for people like me (people who have brains that slack in the melatonin production department) is that you can get it in pill form! In short, it’s a totally natural, over-the-counter, non-habit-forming sleep aid. For me, it’s been a life saver. But, recently because I was stupid curious I decided to TRY and sleep without taking any. I mean, maybe all of sudden my brain wants to play nice and produce some melatonin. I just wanted to see if I REALLY still needed to take it every night. It was a little experiment that yielded a very clear answer.


After a week’s worth of difficulty sleeping I knew that I needed to re-order and continue taking it ASAP. When that little bottle showed up in my mailbox today I felt like Christmas had come early.

Episode 47: “Today I am thankful for… all natural sleep aids that WORK.”

It’s no secret that I'm not a champion sleeper. I really never have been. So, when I was introduced to Melatonin by sweet, sweet Anne in Arizona it changed my life. I started sleeping soundly and regularly for the first time ever. I asked my doctor about it and he encouraged me to try it out. He was the one that suggested I take a break after awhile and see if my brain had learned to make its own melatonin.

Well, I tried and it hasn’t.

No worries, though - Melatonin to the rescue. I embrace the fact that sleeping is something I don’t do well, and thankfully there is a way to remedy that without dangerous side effects. I just took those wonderful white pills a few minutes ago. Sleepy town, here I come.

So tonight, I am thankful. (And I'm going to be even MORE thankful tomorrow, hopefully.)

*I'm not being paid for my opinion, though I sure wouldn't turn down a check if you want to send one to me, Natural Nutritionals.


Rachael said...

How interesting, I didn't know about brains lacking melatonin production. I'm glad you got more and it's working for you! Sleep well. :)

Katie said...

*cough, cough* your cousin works for an awesome natural products company that makes a great melatonin product :) *cough*