Spring Fashion Week: II

So, uhhh, my pictures weren't working for a HUGE part of yesterday.  But if you just scroll on down, you can now SEE my outfit.  Thank you, flickr.  Nothing like a little technical difficulty to start out the week.

Moving On.

I have got to admit that I am loving this Fashion Week thing. I've even assembled a mini team to help! I had my favorite Lisa consult on accessories and give final approval on my choices for the rest of the week. Wait, is that against the rules? I hope not, because tomorrow I have the one and only Lexi helping me take some pictures (see blurriness that is today’s pic to understand why). Yah for friends pitching in and supporting the fun!! Plus, yesterday I got to visit a whole gaggle of new blogs that I would never have found without Emery Jo's help! Woo Hoo!

Isn’t it fun being a girl? I mean, not ALL the time. But, a whole lot of the time, right?

Now for the Look:

*These MOST adorable shoes are from PAYLESS. Can you believe it? I saw them and fell in love at first site.
*The jeans are Gap denim from a couple of years ago. Incredibly comfortable.  I always wish I was a designer denim kind of girl... but I just love me some Gap jeans.
*This super cute shirt is ON SALE at Target this week. If you like it, go to the store now and bring it home to your closet.
*Not a clue where I got these earrings. They've been in the jewelry box since I was single (which seems like a whole other life by now...).
* Headband is probably from the Gap. It looks like a Gap print. Again, it's been around awhile.
*Charm bracelet was a gift from my godmother several years ago. It commemorates the sacraments I received when I was a child... and Catholic. Shout out to my Catholic homies! I figured it was an appropriate accessory during Holy Week.



my stylist, who it seems cannot be bothered with all this picture taking when it doesn't involve HIM

So, fun story about the top. I bought it last week when I went into Target for something else. Admit it, it happens to you too. Then, as I was browsing through the paper on Sunday, I saw my adorable new shirt ON SALE. The hubby encouraged me to see if they price match, but I was reluctant and pessimistic. I have just not had the best experiences with Target's return policy. But, there's a happy, happy ending to the story. When I brought the shirt back ~ tag already removed ~ the girl behind the counter SMILED at me as she refunded the price difference! I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. I was so elated that I turned right around and spent the money in the accessories department. Let's be honest, how tough is it to spend money in Target? Not. Too. Difficult.


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Adorable! And I love the shoes!

Erin said...

I LOVE the shoes. Did you get them at Payless recently. I might have to get them!

Kate said...

Cute cute cute!! Love that you got the blouse when you went in for something else. I do that ALL the time.

Sarah said...

Looks very light and springy...Love it

Emery Jo said...

ahahaha yes! money just starts flying out of my pocket the second I step in the doors at Target. I love this outfit! So springy and fun!!

Olivia said...

I love it, Molly. You have a great sense of style! I'm a little bit afraid of green (I've just recently noticed this) so I'm trying to face my fears by putting green as my blog background. I do love your green shirt!

Jonathan and Audra Payne said...

So funny! I was in payless a couple weeks ago and fell in love with those same shoes! jealous. =D

Charlotte said...

Love it! This is totally my kind of outfit - casual, fun, cute.

Tiffany Ann said...

Love that color of green! SO bright and happy!

LauraES said...

Those shoes are too awesome!

jilian dee said...


Rachael said...

I love the two shades of green together!!!

Nellers said...

I love love love this look!!