Ladylike Week

The handsome hubby left on a jet plane on Sunday evening and won't be back around (as the plan stands now) until (probably) Saturday.  Which means, this week is shaping up to be very ladylike around the homestead.

The girly festivities began last night with a little bridal shower soiree with some of my girlfriends.  The shower was to honor Jason & Molly and planned to coincide with the airing of their much anticipated nuptials.  We ate yummy, homemade "wedding" cake. (Can you believe yesterday was the FIRST time I EVER baked and decorated a cake?  Well, if you read this you probably can!)   We drank fancy mocktails and white wine out of beautiful crystal glasses.  There was even bridal bingo!  (I made the cards and instead of numbers there were Bachelor clich├ęs to listen for and cross off the card - so fun.)  The whole evening culminated with Jason & Molly tying the knot in a torrential downpour with winds that nearly blew the bride's dress off.  Rain is good luck on the wedding day, right?

The rest of the week I intend to do very girly things like manicures, pedicures and face masks.  I plan to eat snack food or salad for dinner (since the meat and potatoes man won't be around).  I'm going to watch The September Issue and drink tea from a china cup with my pinky in the air.  I'm also going to live like I'm a single girl. I probably won't make the bed.  There's a good chance a razor won't touch my legs and the only trips to the grocery store I intend to make are for frivolous items such as sushi or giardiniera.

This is how I'm coping with the yucky news.  We'll just say I'm making pink lemonade.


Brian said...

Miss you sweetie!!!

Jonathan and Audra Payne said...

Sounds like fun! Bet you're looking forward to your hubbie being home though....