My last day at work is Friday. Just. TWO. More. Days. After working out a 43 day notice, the fact that the end is in site is difficult to comprehend. More accurately, it's a bit surreal. Fantastic. Exciting. Amazing. Surreal. I've known it's coming for months, but it's been so far in the distance I haven't allowed myself to feel the excitement. Now, voila. The time for excitement is here! Unfortunately, for the past few days, my emotions have been all over the map. Pure excitement has been crowded by a dash of worry and pinch of nerves. NOT because I have any regret or second thoughts about leaving... nope, I'm all good there. Mainly because of an agreement I made years ago with myself to never leave a job (by choice) without another job waiting in the wings. See that's what's happening on Friday. I have no job to begin immediately. I'm going to be, by choice, unemployed. (Seriously, I'm so jacked up I could barely type that word!)

I guess there's a war raging in my head. And the battle centers around whether or not it's okay for me not to work. One side says, "Heck ya! Accept the blessing of being at home and move forward." The other kinda jerky side says, "Hmmm, seems lazy to me. What will people think?" (I told you she's a total jerk.) This jerky war starter is trying to crowd out my excitement. When I'm all tense about unemployment, it's impossible to experience the PURE JOY over the fact that soon I will be free of this job ~ and all it's accompanying drama.

I WANT MY JOY, jerk. Take a hike!!!

I'm working on some of my stuff. Can ya tell?

ANYwhoo. I'm watching this commercial over and over because it makes me laugh. Have you seen it? It's too stinking funny. And there is nothing like laughter to combat rollercoasterlike emotions and a clock that seems to tickity tock with increasing sloooooooooooooooooowness.

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Dontmissyoursunsetlady said...

The video brought such a smile to my face thanks! The war you speak of is one I deal with regularly about not having a "paying job", but Molly this time you've been given has been arranged by God, and you need make no apology for it. Lots of people who work in "Ministry" postions are even reqiured to take time off before they move on to the next assignment You have been a very intense mission field for the past 2 years. It is time to allow the Lord to "fill up your Cup"