It's fashion week again in New York City. Fall 2010 Ready to Wear looks are being stomped down the runways of Bryant Park. Since I'm guessing, like me, you can't be there to enjoy the shows, I thought I'd share a couple of my favorites so far.

Most of the Lacoste collection featured these ribbed leggings. Love the slouchy pooling of material around the ankles. I'm all for an updated legwarmer. Bring. it. On.

This Carolina Herrera look is so amazingly ladylike with just enough edge to avoid saccharine sweetness. AND, how gorgeous is that hat?

I picked this Tracy Reese number so that I could mention a trend that I'm seeing and looooving. Gloves, gloves and more gloves. Even long (more dressy than these) gloves for evening. Woo Hoo.

This Chado Ralph Rucci (are you watching Kell on Earth? you should be) dress is an example of the embellishments that are all over the runways. Can't really imagine the event in my own life where those feathers might be appropriate. But, a girl can dream.

Can't put my finger on what it is about this Diane von Furstenberg that has me gaga. But, I am head over heels. Love the blouse, love the cardy, love the hat & love the trousers. (especially because the low rise means I don't have to throw out all my pants!!)

And there's the whole ankle socks with shoes and a skirt thing again. Marc Jacobs had them on nearly all his models. Looks like it's a trend that will be carrying through fall 2010! That definitely makes me smile.

Can't wait to see what treats are in store for the rest of the week.

All photos borrowed with gratitude from Style.com. Marcio Madeira / FirstView.com


Lbeck said...

i totally want that Rucci dress in cream or silver for my reception dress!!! Perfect time for ridiculous feathers.

Jonathan and Audra Payne said...

i am so glad you post these b/c i am *so* out of the loop! :)