Thankful Thursday/ Episode 40

So, I'm pretty sure I've been thankful for this before... I guess I should go back and look at previous entries. That would keep me from repeating myself. But I'm too excited to stop and fact check. Instead, I'm forging ahead, guns blazing with no research on a wing and a prayer. Anyway, even if I've been thankful for this before, I'm thankful again tonight. So, it bears repeating, right? AND on the off chance that I haven't been thankful for this before, it's about time I brought it up! OK, then. I've justified tonight's post.

Now, on with the thankfulness.

I just reconnected with 3 - count them 1,2,3 - different sets of lost friends on Facebook. We're talking, like LONG lost it's been 10+ years in two cases (which makes me sound WAAAAAY too old) friends TONIGHT. Is that crazy or what??

Episode 40: "Today I am thankful for ... reconnections."

Say what you will about social media.

Go ahead, I'm giving you time to say it, I'll wait.

Finished? Cool. Because, it's been pretty cool for me. I told you about my high school girlfriend that I got together with over Thanksgiving, right? I'll remind you... here's our picture. We reconnected LAST year over Facebook. After quite some time. And I gotta say, when we got together, it was just like we picked up where we left off... with a TON of stories to tell in between.

Look how cute we are! We don't look a day older than we did in high school (though I won't show you any of those pictures).

I'm also having lunch later this month with a friend who I practically grew up with - I mean we danced together and spent 90% of our tween years bathing in Salon Selectives to maintain our Mall bangs while we rocked out to Stacey Q. And although we reconnected briefly in college I haven't seen her in - never mind, the numbers make me cringe. Suffice it to say, a freakin' long time. Thanks, Facebook.

And then tonight I reconnect with a group of sisters - who may or may not be actual blood relations, since our parents lived on some hippy commune farm together prior to our births - that I haven't seen in about a bajillion years. And all of sudden, poof, there they are on Facebook. In my living room. All smiles with kids and husbands and lives and we're just like, "Hi! How have you been for the last 20 couple of years?"

But I'm not finished. How about that I found another one of my "party" girls from high school... who it turns out I probably have more in common with NOW than either of us are willing to go into in that FIRST sorta weird/awkward reconnect message. But, it's clear from the stalking I've done that things have changed in her life in A LOT of ways since we last hung out. I can't wait to find out!

Look, I'm just putting it out there. I think Facebook is awesome. I know it's lost some of it's street cred with the overpopulation of my generation and those even older than me. But, I'm fine with that. Because, I'm excited to reconnect and laugh and smile and catch up. Again, thanks, Facebook.

So today, I am thankful.

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