9 Days Until Christmas...

You remember our seasonally appropriate nook, right? Well, it's all done up for Christmas!

Look how fantastic it looks.

Typically the handsome hubby and I have different taste in everything home decoration. Knowing this, I was armed for battle when I ventured to Lowe's to purchase the garland. Being that it's the Christmas season and all, I wanted to give him a say. So, I sent him a picture of both the Frazier Fir and the White Pine. When I asked which he preferred I was fully expecting him to choose the White Pine since I liked the Frazier Fir. But, I was WRONG. We. Both. Liked. The. Frazier. Fir. It was an actual Christmas miracle. We've notified the Vatican to begin the authentification process.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, the handmade stockings had to come down immediately after the photo session. With Vance the cat living in this house, they would create much too much of a temptation. But they look lovely in the picture, right?

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