2009 At A Glance

Before we step forward into 2010, I thought it'd be fun to take a look back at 2009. Here's a photo journal of the ups and downs (or at least those captured on film that I feel are particularly flattering of me...) of 2009.

Strangely enough, January and February are kind of missing in action in my photo file. I find this particularly strange since it was January 5th of 2009 that I posted this right here at A Foreign Land. Perhaps I didn't learn from my own mistake? OR maybe we just had two super busy and not particularly photographable months. Moving right along...

In March my sisters and I started prep for Erin's June 2010 wedding.
Here's a shot of wedding dress shopping day!


In April, we made a trip out West to Phoenix to visit with Baba
(his Mom's Mom)and our Aunt and Uncles.


In May I got to spend the afternoon having lunch and doing a little shopping with my cousin and aunt who live in Atlanta. For as close as we are geographically, we just don't get together enough.

And the hubby's Mom came down for a visit and we enjoyed the Jellyfish exhibit at the Tennessee Aquarium and the Chihuly exhibit at the Hunter.


June was incredibly busy. Now, looking back... I don't know how we squeezed it all into ONE month.

First we had a visit from my sister-in-law and her boys which included the obligatory visit to Rock City and a little playing in the fountains on the NorthShore.

Then I got to throw a bridal shower, and apparently share some sage marital wisdom...

The wedding followed quickly behind and was absolutely gorgeous.

Another visit from family meant a little fun at the hanger where the handsome hubby works.

Before months end we made a quick trip into St. Louis to visit friends and celebrate a 60th birthday!


July brought another set of parents into town, and we celebrated the 4th with fireworks over the riverfront.

Later in the month we caught movies in the park with friends... nothing like FREE summer fun.


In August we hit the water and braved the rapids.


For our 3rd anniversary we visited the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Biltmore.

And helped host a baby shower, complete with goofy photo shoot.


October found us on the field of the new Busch Stadium!


In November we got to meet a baby that we had been waiting for and praying for FOREVER!

Then NEW MOON opened and we were in line on OPENING NIGHT!

And I reconnected with a friend I hadn't seen in almost 15 years! Thanks, Facebook.


A visit in Nashville the day after Christmas... family from all over converged on Nashville to eat and be their loud selves for the afternoon.