Let's Try this Again

Yesterday was a day.

It was the kind of day where, my husband (you know - the man who vowed to love and cherish and put up with me for the rest of our lives) was even afraid to come home and deal with me. It was the kind of day where rational thought is a distant memory and sadness, disappointment and gloom take over the psyche.

(Here's the part where my fundamentalist friends are thinking to themselves, "Tsk, tsk, she wasn't believing the Gospel." And my friends with fancy educations are thinking to themselves, "I wonder if it's time for her to get back on anti-depressants?" And my co-dependant friends are thinking to themselves, "I wonder what I said to make her so upset?")

Sometimes I wish bad days were that easy to solve. This one wasn't.

Here's to today being better.

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Anonymous said...

Don't let one person make you believe they don't have "those days" The highly educated and the party animals both. You are a upbeat, cheerleader at heart, so the bad days are harder to swallow...and can make you wonder "what is wrong with ME". The answer is nothing. If someone were to ask you..." Do you expect your life to be one happy day after the next, with no let downs, issues, problems?" You know the answer would be no. But, when the bad days hit us, inbetween the TON of good days, we selfishly think, NOT ME, this should not happen to me. Plus, God knows this about us women, that is why he put it in the vows long ago....'through the good times and the bad,' and make the men promise UPFRONT. ( No takebacks.) We all love you, the good, the bad and the ugly. Not, knock it off and find somethign to be thankful for, tomorrow is Thursday. :o)