Seasonally Appropriate Invasion

My mother in law is the undisputed queen of seasonally appropriate home decor. I'm not kidding you, she's got 4th of July decorations. She's got Spring/Easter decorations. She has different January trees that come out once Christmas is over. She's even got Arbor day decorations. (I don't really think she has Arbor day decorations, that was just added for effect.) Her place is a treat to visit because it's always changing and you never know what you may discover.

In her honor (and maybe to bring a little bit of her into our home), I've established a small seasonally appropriate niche of our own. Check it out.

Now, I wish I could take sole credit for this arrangement. But, of course I can't. I was fortunate enough to have my very favorite interior designer consult on the project (consult?!?! Umm, basically she redid what I had done only MUCH BETTER). Lisa is a natural with a fabulous eye, here's where I would link to her blog only sadly, she has abandoned it. (How was that helping of guilt, Lisa? Did you enjoy?)

If you're interested in seeing the seasonally appropriate niche morph into a Christmas treat and a Winter getaway and hopefully a cheerful Spring celebration, you'll have to get your butt to Tennessee. Then maybe you can meet Lisa, since you can no longer enjoy her once brilliant but now abandoned blog. (I threw that in just in case you were hungry for a second helping, Lisa. You're Welcome.)

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