What do You Think?

"Good judgment comes from experience,
and experience comes from bad judgment."
- Barry LePatner

oooh, how I wish this hadn't been (& wasn't) true in my own life...
Am I the only silly, stubborn one who has to learn by first falling on her face? Anyone else figure out what to do, by being the example of what NOT to do?

Is there anybody out there who learns from other's mistakes or takes other's advice the FIRST time?

And if so, what's that like?

Illustration by artist Jeff Pak. See more of his stuff here.


Margen said...

You can also have the other extreme, where you never make any progress in life because you're too busy trying to think everything through and figure it out before taking any steps... which can often mean no steps are ever taken. I'm not sure who is worse off in that case!

Molly Page said...

Margen. that's a really good point... I think I'd rather be messed up my way then that way. I miss you!