The Bar Has Been Raised

It's true, we've had a lot of visitors this summer.

But, it's almost like my Pops was trying to make us play favorites. He brought his "family visit" up a notch as if he was competing for visit of the season or something. Obviously, we are equally excited to see any familiar face who travels all this distance to visit us. No matter when or who, it's always a treat to entertain in our home. But, if Pops wanted to turn it into a competition, I'm not above a little bribery. I'm gonna be honest and tell you that when he walked through the door and handed me a cooler full of goodies, he raised the bar. And can you guess what did the trick? Inside that magical box were four cupcakes from the Cupcakery! Possibly my most favorite sweet treat and totally unattainable in our current place of residence. But the surprises didn't stop there. Along with various treats and toys for his grandanimals, he also included a whole pack of pork steaks.

Pork Steaks, you ask? Don't you mean Pork Chops? no. Pork ribs? no. Pork butt? no. Pork tenderloin? not even close. Pork. Steaks. They are a particular cut of swine which I have been unable to find in any grocery store around these parts. And, when prepared properly (marinated and slow cooked on a Weber kettle), they are a particular kind of yummyness that only a piggy can produce. Pork steaks remind me of summertime family gatherings in the hot and humid Midwest. They taste like home.

Just to show him how grateful I was for all those treats, I shared one of the cupcakes with him. Now that's love.

Here's how we spent the rest of his trip:

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