Ultimate Update

Fresh off my success in the kitchen with the not just one, but two tasty and sweet, home baked treats, I'm feeling the need to challenge myself. You'll notice below I've posted my updated Ultimate "to do" List. You'll see, alllllll the way down at the bottom of the list, I've added my newest challenge. Considering that I am sorely lacking artistic ability and am a bit short in the creativity department, this one should provide a real growth opportunity.

The Ultimate “to do” List

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon* ~ Have a Huge 10th Wedding Anniversary Party ~ See the Paris Air Show* ~ Witness a birth ~ Take pictures at our 8 wonders of the world* (Pyramid of Giza, Coliseum in Rome, Great Wall of China, Hagia Sofia, Taj Mahal, Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, Old City of Jerusalem) ~ Bake something sweet successfully ~ See the Parthenon in Greece* ~ Host a slumber party ~ Eat Gelato from a street vendor in Italy* ~ Be Sad to Leave Chattanooga ~ Sky Dive* ~ Publish something ~ Step foot in all 50 states* ~ Payoff my Student loan ~ See a Baseball game in all the MLB parks* ~ Teach Spikey to roll over ~ Live for a year in a Winnebago* ~ Scream like a fanatic 16 year old at the NSYNC reunion tour ~ Drive a Jet Ski* ~ Watch the AFI Top 100 Films of all time ~ Attend a REAL Futbol game* ~ Sit on a Jury ~ Sit front row at a Concert and sing along* ~ Ride a Horse ~ See a(nother) musical on Broadway* ~ Make new Friends but keep the old ~ Save 1 year’s Salary* ~ Celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary by renewing our vows ~ Visit the Bat Bridge in Austin* ~ Try 25 foods that might make others gag ~ Plant a Tree* ~ Take a Photography Class ~ See U2 in Concert* ~ Run a Half Marathon ~ Eat Sushi in Japan* ~ Keep a house plant alive for 1 year ~ Watch the ball drop in NYC* ~ Have a Black Tie Academy Awards Party ~ Read the Bible all the way through* ~ Plant and harvest a little vegetable garden ~ Look out the crown of the Statue of Liberty* ~ Make our House a Home ~ Visit Alcatraz* ~ Get a Master’s Degree ~ Skinny Dip* ~ Enjoy my city like a tourist would ~ Survive a Star Wars Movie Marathon* ~ Silently Watch a Sunrise ~ Take Ballroom Dancing Lessons* ~ Reach 5,000 Page Visits on A Foreign Land ~ Explore my crafty side by attempting 100 DIY projects

I've been trolling the Internet for crafty blogs and websites from which to steal inspiration. But, I'm really excited to accept some challenges. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send links to projects or any creative ideas you might come up with on your own. I'm honestly feeling pretty cocky about my possibility for success these days, so you don't have to take it easy on me. Plus, I also look forward to some "failures" since those would probably make for more entertaining posts here anyway.

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