Thankful Thursday/ Episode 26

Today's my Friday! I sure do luuurve my new schedule. I've mentioned that I'm working a condensed work week, right? Work week for me = 3 days. Yep, that's right, just Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. It is an absolute dream! For years I've been saying, that the American work force needs to pull a switcheroo. We should be working 2 days a week and livin' for 5. Not that work is a bad thing, it's not. I just think the whole Protestant work ethic is pretty overrated. This Protestant is putting my priorities in a different order. And I am incredibly grateful to be in a spot where that is possible.

Episode 25: "Today I am thankful for...a short work week!"

Monday morning I woke up early to head to the gym to start off the day with a pilates class. (If I'm being honest - it's the first time I've attempted the gym in WEEKS) When I got there I was pretty disappointed when the teacher didn't even bother to show up. It was particularly frustrating since last time I went to the gym the EXACT SAME thing happened. Which makes me wonder how long it will take to go back after this excuse to be lazy disappointment. But, I was up and dressed and prepared to workout so it didn't make sense to head back home. Instead I decided to walk around the bridges downtown and head to the park and hang out for a bit. It was the most beautiful morning! The weather was gorgeous and the only thing I HAD to do was relax and enjoy some "me" time. It was exactly the kind of thing that I dreamed I'd be doing with my time "off".

As I sat there, I realized that this was just the first of many mornings that I will leisurely enjoy! What a gift. What a gift to have margin in our budget that allows for some MINIMAL sacrifice and a slightly diminished pay check. What a gift to have a husband who works hard to support our family financially. And I've already mentioned the gift of having a job and a boss who've allowed this all to happen. I recognize and am trying REALLY hard not to take for granted how fortunate I am to have these blessings. If I could shout it from our roof and not get shot by our neighbors I would. Instead, I will share my gratitude here.

So today, I am thankful.

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Erin said...

super jealous of you right now. I would love to have four day weekends all the time. I would get so much more accomplished in a day.