My Own All Stars

Tonight's All Star game inspired me to create an all star team of my own. Sure, I was born and raised in St. Louis which means I am a baseball fan. But, I'm much more of a reality television fan. And it got me thinking, if I were to create the reality show all star cast, who might it include?

Here's what I've come up with.

1. Jeff Lewis of Bravo TV's Flipping Out
Television's most likable obsessive compulsive, is a total riiiot. Check this clip where he asks his long time housekeeper to tell him something she likes about him...

2. Bethenny Frankel of Bravo TV's The Real Housewives of NYC.
Bethenny is undoubtedly my fav. o. rite. housewife. She's quick witted, acerbic and honest to a fault. Well, if not always to someone's face, ALWAYS behind her back - which makes for the best reality television.

3. Justin Bobby from MTV's The Hills.
Okay, so Justin Bobby's presence on my reality all star team really promises just a bunch of mumbling and posturing, but ya gotta admit he's good looking. Plus he is a lot of fun to laugh at - he ALWAYS says and does stupid stuff. His socks in this picture prove my point.

4. Rachel Zoe of Bravo TV's Rachel Zoe Project.
"I die." Rachel shops like I would if I had the taste, expertise, vision or bank account she does. Check this clip to see what I mean. She's a trip.

5. Adrianne Curry originally of America's Next Top Model.
This chick is pure Joliet, IL. She's also gorge and shameless. Basically she's a loose cannon, and that is A1, grade A reality television fodder. Not to mention the fact that she's done like 25 reality shows, so she's a real pro.

6. Dr. Will of CBS's Big Brother.
NO reality television all star team would be complete without the evil Dr. Will. Diabolical, charming, ruthless and smooth, Dr. Will is the ultimate reality TV villain. He was always lovably evil. Is that even possible?

Now, I haven't decided what the premise of this television show might be. I wonder, should it be a cut throat competition or just a Real World style voyeuristic delight? With these six either would certainly be entertaining.

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