Thankful Thursday/ episode 19

with mother's day literally hours away, today's thankful thursday is a no brainer. i'm so thankful for my mom!this pic (though it's now nearly 3 years old!) is one of my favorites of the two of us. probably because we had both had our hair and make up done and were definitely looking as cute as we could be. seriously, is she beautiful, or what?

i've come to a realization in the past couple months. i figured out part of the reason that i have this yearning to be back at "home" and nearer to family. all those years (my teens & 20's - arghhhh) when i was geographically closer to my mom i was still in the stage of life where i didn't really appreciate (some days even like) her. but now things have changed dramatically. i genuinely enjoy spending time with her! i'm finally at a stage in my life where i actually LIKE her. that's a big step. i can't pinpoint a moment where the change happened, it's been gradual over the past years.

episode 19: "today i am thankful for... an improved relationship with my mother."

i've heard it said that it isn't until you are a parent that you actually appreciate your own parents. we all know it wasn't dirty diapers and midnight feedings that opened my eyes, thank the Lord. instead what happened was that i moved away and grew up a bit. a combination of time, maturity and distance provided some clarity. and that clarity lead to a really different perspective. i no longer take her or our relationship for granted. and now, i genuinely enjoy the time we spend together. it's a whole different deal. i respect her. i'm proud of her. i think she's funny and talented. and i no longer have these outrageous expectations. i love her for the women she is instead of expecting her to be someone she isn't. i appreciate her and feel blessed to be her daughter.

so today, i am thankful.

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