Thankful Thursday/ episode 18

i've slept 8 nights in a row. one week plus one day and counting. i've been falling asleep in less than an hour after i lay down. i've been sleeping steadily through the night only waking for fleetingly brief moments of blurry half consciousness. it is pure bliss.

episode 18: "today i am thankful for...sleep."

my mom has always said that my life's problems could be solved if i would just "regulate my eating and sleeping habits." in fact she said it so often it became a mantra among some of my friends. while i can't say all my life's problems are on the verge of being solved, i can definitely see my mood improving with regular sleep. and when my mood is good, life is just plain better (for everyone - just ask my husband).

so today, i am thankful. (and so is everyone around me!)

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Anonymous said...

I only said it because I love you. I'm so glad that you are sleeping, for your sake and for Brian's. Yahooooo!!!!!