Thankful Thursday/ episode 15

hey, have i mentioned that i miss my friends and family back home? okay, okay, i know i'm a broken record. but today is about being thankful, not about complaining. so you needn't fret that i'm about to puke homesickness all over the screen.

what's so cool about living in 2009 is that even though i'm 450+ miles away from where i want to be, there is a wide variety of technology that keeps me connected... or at least semi-connected. between cell phones, blogs, facebook, youtube, twitter and digital photography there are lots of ways to lessen the distance.

episode 15: "today i am thankful for... social networking technology."

i get to see pictures, read updates, share stories and laugh at goofy videos. so even if the technology which allows me to hug the people i love hasn't been created yet, i'm head and shoulders more fortunate than someone in my situation would have been even 10 years ago. it's an incredible blessing and a real way to combat homesickness. communication has never been easier. and we've never had so many vehicles to stay in touch. it's a cool time to be alive.

so today, i am thankful.

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