Phamily in Phoenix

we had a great trip to the desert. phoenix is amazing. the mountains are gorgeous, the vegetation is super cool and so unique, and there are goats on the highway so they don't have to mow. i absolutely adore the city! one highlight was that we had terrific food - a home cooked meal, yummy sushi, and i tried cuban and new mexican for the first time. we did a little sight seeing and got plenty of sleep. but our main purpose was to have an unforgettable visit with family. and we certainly did just that. i got to meet brian's grandma for the first time and spend more time with his aunt and uncles, this time on their home turf. during the visit i got to learn so much about brian by seeing traits that he's inherited from a couple generations!

his grandmother likes a little tea with her sugar... explains brian's sweet tooth. she also asked if my engagement ring was paid for... explains brian's aversion to debt. he comes by it naturally!

there's nothing like a great trip to take your mind off the stress of the real world. this weekend was just that. it was a chance to get away, focus on family and make some memories.

i look forward to another chance to get out there again soon.

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