Thankful Thursday/ episode 14

for the past year, i've tried to get a book club started. it hasn't been easy to do ~ shocking, i know. but i'm trying again and this time we've chosen to read 100 years of solitude by gabriel garcia marquez. the novel is a nobel prize winner. it's smart, funny, engaging and complicated. the characters -members of a multi-generation family living in a made up town they founded- are rich, unique and varied. there's depth to each vein of the story without getting too bogged down in ultra preachy moralities. and as far as i'm concerned there isn't enough good stuff to say about it!

episode 14: "today i am thankful for... a great book to enjoy."

i'm loving this book so much that it won't bother me (all that much) if the actual book club falls through again. this book makes me want to turn off the television and read. this book makes me want to read it slowly -to savor it- so it will never end.

so today, i am thankful.

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