My Birthday

Happy birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am one of those people who love my birthday. It is far and away my favorite holiday. Generally speaking, I function as a narcissist. Most days I love making life all about me. My birthday, therefore, is wonderful because it is the one time of year that my friends and family come close to celebrating me as much as I do. I rarely let the aging thing get in the way of enjoying being the center of attention. The more I am celebrated the better. In fact, there should be a law on the books requiring a crown and sash to be worn making your birthday known to all you come into contact with as you move about town. Don't you think that just makes perfect sense?

Typically I have the pleasure of stretching my birthday out over several days... More like a birth week. Because after all, 24 hours just really aren't enough to celebrate me. I've proven that fact year after year and the celebration of my 33rd year is no exception. I've had the pleasure of celebrating several days so far! Last weekend's trip to Nashville for NKOTB was part of my birthday. Yesterday we had dinner and saw a play to celebrate my birthday. This afternoon, a bunch of friends got together for lunch and ate red velvet (my new favorite) cake. And this evening I intend to watch television, read and relax. Initially I had planned to get some housework done before embarking on another work week; however my cake coma is preventing me from too much strenuous activity. I will instead be lazy and docile and function very much like a birthday princess for the duration of the day. Happy birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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