Surprise, Surprise

Less than 48 hours after he got home, my hubby will be off to work again. Thankfully it will just be one night in Indy and back home on Tuesday, assuming all goes as planned. Why am I wasting time online tonight then? The answer is quite easy, he is packing (actually ironing...) and balancing the check book. So I figured I might take a moment to share some super exciting news.

You all are used to me complaining about Chattanooga’s lack of (insert gripe of the week here). As of late, I’ve been whining about several screens showing Paul Bart: Mall Cop, and the fact that Fireproof was monopolizing screen space for 5 months. Yet, artistically relevant pieces are virtually ignored. I mean, come on. But when the movie show times came out Friday morning I was flabbergasted and excited for a change. For those of you living in cities where award winning films are screened in numerous theatres, you may not understand how frustrating Oscar season can be for those of us less fortunate. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Rachel Getting Married, Slumdog Millionaire, The Wrestler, Revolutionary Road, Vicky Christina Barcelona and Frost/Nixon are all playing in Chattanooga! It's stinking amazing. Can you believe it? Add to that the fact that the arts & education council is sponsoring an Independent Film Series (at the coolest theatre downtown) and I might be willing to stick around this one horse town for a bit longer.

But what is most important is that the Academolly awards are back in business.

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