dissimilar experiences

When I decided on the title of this blog, mainly I had our city of residence in mind. But as time has gone on I’ve realized it fits so much more. It feels like daily I find myself in situations that can appropriately be defined as totally foreign

Take for instance a conversation that I witnessed today on my way back from a baby shower. Now, it goes without saying that a baby shower - surrounded by a bevy of young moms discussing things called Boppys (?) and ultimate crib sheets is pretty "foreign." But the conversation on the way home was even more foreign. This one, like many other conversations left me kind of shaking my head in wonder and awe.

To give a little background without shocking my mother (who obviously reads this blog), I haven't always been a good girl. For the first 27 years of life I probably wouldn't have described myself as pure. It makes me sad to admit it, but it's just truth. I continually find myself impressed and amazed that my background, which I always thought was pretty "normal," is the exception to the rule in the company I keep now-a-days. The choices I made are very different from the choices that a lot of individuals in my community have made and do make. Sometimes hanging out with a bunch of Christians makes me feel kind of weird. Today was one of those times.

Here's a story I heard today:

"Before I got married I tried to be really careful about what I talked about and what I listened to. I didn't figure I’d make it to my wedding day a virgin. But we did and I’m so grateful for that. And once we got married we just let it all go. We find ourselves really laughing and sharing some pretty raunchy humor. It's fun. Sometimes I even find that it slips out when I’m not with my husband.

"Like on Christmas when I was with my in-laws, some just slipped out. My brother in law was pounding the chest of my husband. He said you don't have a breast pocket in that shirt? And before I could check myself, I just said, 'that's because he doesn't have a...'."

A string of giggles.

Sometimes it's even worse than that."

Another string of giggles.

First, she couldn't even say breast.
Second, she found that to be a raunchy joke.

I'm definitely living in a foreign land.

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Anonymous said...

i'm sorry, i couldn't finish your story...i was too offended.