thankful thursday/episode 1

i'm working on being in the proper Christmas spirit. some minutes are easier than others. i've had a rough couple of weeks, but last night was a good night. and lo and behold, despite waking up to dog barf during a WAY too early potty break for spikey, this morning was good also. in an attempt to spread some of this joy i'm experiencing before it fades too far into the distance, i've decided to start a new recurring post.

hear ye, hear ye... i officially declare thursdays to be THANKFUL THURSDAYS at a foreign land. if it kills me (don't laugh ~ i bet some days it will) i will be thankful for something. i will in turn use this blog as a tool to be vocal about said gratitude. no thing is too insignificant to warrant attention. no blessing is too great to give it a shout out. so hold on to your hats, here comes a batch of weekly, random posts chock full of appreciation.

i just figure there are a plethora of wonderful things big and small that i have going on in my life and i spend countless hours focusing on the few things that suck (if you don't believe me just ask my long suffering husband!). and that just doesn't seem right. here's my attempt to change gears and reorient my focus. i'm wondering if thankful thursdays might just be the catalyst needed. wouldn't it be great if the switch flipped forcing the things that suck to take the back seat they deserve?

episode 1: "i'm thankful for... a husband who keeps his word"

not so long ago i got fed up with brian for looking over my shoulder while i was stalking on facebook. (i'm not off to such a good start, huh? the first sentence of my explanation of gratitude includes me being "fed up"... oh well, baby steps.) when i politely and in no way snarkily suggested that he "get his own facebook page if he was so interested in what was going on", he declined. however, one of my most annoying endearing qualities is my persistence. days passed and finally, fed up with my suggestions, brian responded, "fine, if you can get 50 people to say i need a facebook page, i'll make one." long story short... i did so he did.

believe me, that kind of follow through is not lost on me. in the end, that is a VERY petty example of an incredibly respectable character trait. he is true to his word. which is HUGE. in my experience, men (heck, people) like that are the exception to the rule. what a gift from God to have a husband that i can take at his word.

so today, i am thankful.

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Anonymous said...

Joel Osteen helps me see the little things in life, I forget to be thankful for. When I get stuck in a rut, and life seems soo boring. He reminds me that, I could be dealing with a child that has a great illness, and at the hospital every day, pleading for her life....and wishing things were back to normal, wishing for the times in which the biggest concern was getting the book report done by Friday. To appreciate the normal, yet sometimes boring life I am soo blessed to live. If you ever get stuck, needing a reminder, give him a try on Sunday. :o)
I wish you luck on your new out look and can't wait to see the little things you can be/should be truly thankful for, such as a wonderful husband, who loves you with all his soul.