greens anyone???

today i picked up our first box from the csa co-op (crabtree farms) we recently bought into. we're new to this whole community supported agriculture thing. but i am a huge fan already.

this all started because we've had difficulty finding quality produce since we moved into our new place. we've been forced to choose between the less than stellar options at the bi-lo (pronounced baaa-low) or the over priced gems at greenlife (chatt's organic grocery monopoly). imagine how excited we were to find a compromise!

the way it works (sorry if i'm boring those of you ahead of me in the whole organic, local farming thing) is this. we pay a flat fee for the season and then get to pick up a food box each week. the box is full of yummy, locally & organically grown, seasonal fruit, veggies and herbs. and it isn't only a good idea in theory. after picking up the box this afternoon, i know its gonna be good in practice too.

this week our box was filled with: head lettuce, pea shoots, kohlrabi, greens, arugula, carrots & thyme

we made the yummiest salads tonight complete with homemade croutons. yes, i said i made croutons by hand. i have to say the salad was completely delicious. unfortunately there were no carrots on my salad... it looked so good after i peeled it, i couldn't wait and scarfed it on the spot bugs bunny style.

i'm already having fun figuring out what to do with greens, kohlrabi and pea shoots. what an opportunity to broaden our culinary perspective!

this is a totally win, win, win deal. we support a local non-profit - win. we buy local which is good for the environment - win. we get yummy veg - win. only unfortunate part is that we found out about this at the end of the growing season. so, after this month we're left food box-less until the spring growing season.

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Anonymous said...

Better late than never. I'm jealous,bugs!