11 days 'til Christmas

do you ever read this blog and think, "um, she needs medication"? if you haven't before, you might today.

remember yesterday (just 24 short hours ago) when i was all... "fa la la la la, i'm so excited for Christmas"? well, that quickly morphed into, "fa la la la la, i have so much crap to do." maybe it was the whole countdown thing that i started last night. i ended up being sleepless in bed making lists of all the projects that i only have a few days left to do.

those projects included but were not limited to:
1. finishing the family birthday calendar and mailing it to my father
2. shopping for all the remaining gifts (which includes figuring out what to get my difficult-to-shop-for hubby)
3. writing and mailing Christmas cards (why do i this??)
4. wrapping all the presents (i'm making my own wrapping paper this year so this won't be a simple task)
5. cleaning my house
6. doing approximately 25 loads of laundry
7. planning the menu for our open house in STL
8. organizing the time line for Christmas day (reese witherspoon & vince vaughn have got nothing on us!)
...all while working full time, attending holiday parties and surviving an absentee husband...

laying there, i started to panic. quick as a wink all the joy and excitement were being sucked right out of me. i was on the verge of going full on "bah humbug". (told you - i should be medicated).

but guess what?? the Christmas spirit was stronger than my panic attack. it was a genuine Christmas miracle! God bless us, everyone. i'm happy to report that i kicked butt today. rather than letting all the pressure paralyze me, i just started crossing things off the list. and 24 hours later, i'm back on the jolly holiday express train. from here on out i'm just singing, "fa la la la la, it'll all get done."

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