a big lonely bowl of candy

another halloween has come and gone. i'm sad to admit we had a dismal trick-or-treater turn out again. so, several bags of (now eaten!!) candy later, we are left wondering ~ why?? the last two years we had no visitors, but we blamed our status as apartment dwellers. this year we were so excited to have a ton of "youngins" stop by the new house. afterall, there are lots of kids in our neighborhood. we see them out and about all the time. wanting to make a good impression, we bought a ton of the good candy and looked forward to meeting them. all the conditions seemed favorable; the weather was beautiful, our porch light was on, but nobody showed up. total bummer!

immediately, my mind blames the city and its "bible belt"/southern culture. after all, it's been explained to me that halloween is a pagan holiday that celebrates witches and demons. i'm starting to wonder if little chattanoogans just aren't allowed to fill their bellies with free sugary treats. but, i think it might be more than that. the fact that we are living in the ghetto probably didn't help our cause. since a couple of the houses on our street are empty, our street might not have been all that appealing. but we weren't the only ones in town who's doorbell didn't ring.

i'm left wondering if it isn't the trend around the country. are "trunk or treat" events and "fall festivals" taking the place of traditional door to door candy grabbing?

how was the draw around your neck of the woods? did you get many visitors on all hallows eve?


Anonymous said...

none for me but i live on a busy highway. i did notice that day that while i saw hardly any kids near home i saw a TON of trick o' treaters at the friggin mall!!! ugh!

Amie said...

we had no one-and chris and bradley were hunting so i took l
& t out on my own, but our neighbors left a bowl on their front porch and nothing was taken..around our neighborhood kids make their plan of attack by way of the path-so they hit about the first 10-15 houses and hop back on the path to the next street, as to cover as much ground as possible...being the first house on our street-they never make it down our way-although i will say that more people chose NOT to pass out candy this year and kept their houses dark-very disappointing for our kids...think of our house at xmas...i think you should decorate yours at halloween like that-its likely to draw a crowd!