what i did with my summer "staycation" ~ and every free minute since then...

two weeks ago, i had the wonderful opportunity to take a week away from work. it was my much anticipated "staycation." work, well really my mis-dealing with work, had worn me to the bone. i was in great need of a span of days where i didn't have to ask anyone to pee in a cup. just as i'd hoped the week was glorious. i'll admit it moved more quickly than i would have liked, but isn't that always the way things go? "time flys..."and all that jazz.

i spent most of the week focused on relaxation. it was completely refreshing. one of my favorite activities during those 10 days was plunging headfirst into stephanie meyer's twilight series. before you judge or ridicule, let me explain. yes, they are classified as "young adult fiction." yes, the main characters are vampires. yes, the plot definitely centers around a heaping helping of PG romance. for the most part they are NOTHING like anything that i typically read. which is exactly why they were the perfect diversion. these books were 100% escape from reality and 100% addictive.

i'm halfway through the 4th and final book right now. honestly, it is taking all that have to ignore the book sitting directly to my right. it was only the promise of writing about the books that drew me to my blog. don't worry i won't spoil anything (for those who want to read them OR those who would NEVER pick them up and don't care). but, i can say that the 4th book (which apparently irked quite a few fans) is the best yet. it is non-stop action, unlike the third. and the story is taking a bit of a twist as some promises are kept and other surprises materialize.

honestly, i do have some qualms about meyer's series. the once rabid feminist, still fighting for some control of my brain doesn't approve of the arguably abusive - but more accurately manipulative - romantic relationships that bella (the protagonist) seems to relish. and my pro-marriage, evangelical new identity cringes every time bella disparages marriage as an unappealing noose being placed around her neck. i worry about the millions of teen girls reading and digesting either of those messages as truth.

but then i relax and remember... they are just books. they are not perfectly written but without a doubt they are engrossing. they've been a total blessing over the past few weeks. so far, each of the 2202 pages (only 346 left to go!!) a fantastic ticket to an unfamiliar world. and isn't that what reading for pleasure is all about??


Amie said...

i am so glad you enjoyed your "staycation"..it is so important to take time to relax!..i am looking forward to a mini-go-away-cation...annual girls scrapbooking/shopping weekend at the lake in a few weeks-i actually took off on a friday to go early! our basement is now clean and fine...we haven't had water in forever...the clubhouse is built to withsatnd even hurricanes i've decided...keaton is a building genious...it didn't even take on any water!

Anonymous said...

I have been dying to email you from work, but always forget once I am there, so I have two things to say, before I forget and you blog again. ONE....I have stolen your "staycation" and cracked up my share of people, claiming it as my own (only by not givng credit to you.)

Two.....Twilight. Shaunas favorite...she has been reading it, has every teeshirt, book, blog, etc. We are awaiting the movie now. Watched every trailor out there.

Okay, tired, but missing you.