The 2008 AcadeMolly Awards

Tomorrow night is the big night! The Oscars are the king of all award shows. And around our house we are all about them. (If I’m being honest, the hubby only cares to the extent that he does because I talk about movies all the time and make him watch all the nominees...) So, before the little golden guys are handed out, I thought I’d weigh in on the films that I’ve seen so far. I don't have the luxury of having screeners sent to my house, so we haven't gotten to see everything (I’m bumming because I never got to see Lars and the Real Girl, I’m Not There or Into the Wild) - but we've done pretty well.

Now, without further ado... Here are the 2008 AcadeMolly Award winners:

Actor in a Leading Role:
Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood was clearly wonderful but it is difficult for me to ignore Glen Hansard's performance in Once.

Actress in a Leading Role:
Julie Christie was luminescent in Away from Her, but I’d love to see Ellen Page win for her role in Juno.

Actor in a Supporting Role:
Javier Bardem is a no-brainer, he was absolutely terrifying in No Country for Old Men. And in a distant 2nd, I also really enjoyed Ben Foster in 3:10 to Yuma.

Actress in a Supporting Role:
Saoirse Ronan was cringe worthy (in the best possible way) in Atonement. I just loved to hate her. Can't wait to see what's next for this talented young lady. Kelly Macdonald was also brilliant in No Country for Old Men.

Adapted Screenplay:
Sarah Polley wrote an amazing script, and deserves to win an award for Away from Her. Her project is a beautiful piece of storytelling.

Original Screenplay:
If there is justice, Diablo Cody will win for Juno. It was one of my favorites this year!

Joel & Ethan Coen did an amazing job with No Country for Old Men. It was disturbingly frightening, unexpectedly funny and full of suspense.

Best Picture:
I'm having a hard time this year deciding between 3 amazing films. I loved Once, Juno & No Country for Old Men. All were 10s in my book!

Can't wait for the show tomorrow. As much as I love celebrating the movies, I also look forward to the fashion. I'm just so excited.

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