It's Prom Time!

Being completely removed from the high school scene - I never would have known it was that time of year again. Luckily, because of a fun cultural difference, I’m well aware.

Last weekend we were exploring the Bluff View Art District when suddenly we were surrounded. The sculpture park had been invaded by impeccably groomed teenagers who were nervously carrying corsages and attempting to navigate hoop skirted ball gowns (loved seeing those back in style). The boys shuffled by in rented shoes while the girls tugged at one part of their dress or another. They were followed closely behind by a drove of parents (& grandparents) brandishing cameras with flashes-a-blazing. It was so much fun to be in the middle of all of the mayhem.

At first we wondered if they were only in the park because of its close proximity to both the hunter art museum (where prom was being held) and the lovely restaurants in the area. I've come to find out, that wasn't the case. Apparently, it is a local tradition to have prom pictures taken with a scenic backdrop. And I think it is such a wonderful idea. When we went to prom, we suffered through the mandatory "pre-dance" picture session in someone's crowded living room. All the attendees backed up against the fireplace - each girl in front of her respective date - and tried to decide into which camera to look. All the while, we were hoping to get out of the house as quickly as possible. As I look back now at all of the pictures I find a different dress, a different date, a different fireplace - but a fireplace every year. How much fun would it be to have a sculpture garden or an antebellum mansion as a back drop for your big night out? It certainly makes the pictures more dramatic. The lighting has got to be better. Plus, it adds a bit more pageantry to the evening by including a scenic stop. And it will hopefully provide a little variety as they enjoy their pictures for years to come.

So I say, bravo Chattanooga. Thumbs up to you for a fun, cultural difference and tradition that is creative and unique!

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KC said...

You are so right with the fireplace!! I can still see your dad's in the background. Too funny! As to the hoop skirts. I told Emma Dotson that she reminded me of Scarlet O'Hara in her dress and she looked at me with a totally blank face. Shouldn't you be required to know whose style you are emmulating? I mean come on, Scarlet???? You don't know her?? What are parents teaching these kids? Ok, now I just sound old.