how to speak "southern"


This versatile term can be used to describe just about anything - people, decor, the Lord. Not being a born-and-bred southerner I'm not sure that I'll ever fully grasp the depth of it's true meaning. But it appears to be complementary in nature.

For example ~ "Is she the most precious thing you have ever met?"
Or, "Yes, I've seen that program, it is precious."
Even, "Well, that dress is just precious, bless your heart"

It is important to note in order for this word to carry it's full meaning, it must be spoken in 3 syllables (p·re·cious) with emphasis placed on the middle "re" syllable and the vowel sound [e] like in "echo".

Seriously, I've heard this word used more often down here than at a tolkien convention. (Speaking of, and as a TOTAL side note, if you're looking for middle earth fashion advice check this out... wow!)

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