Amateur Night

December 1st was the 3rd of anniversary of my sobriety. In that time, my recovery has transitioned from an hourly struggle to one characterized by the occasional unexpected craving a couple of times a week. By no means do I believe I’ll ever be "cured" of my addictions, but God has brought me to a place of comfort and acceptance. However, my faith doesn't make it easy - definitely easier, but not easy.

I bring this up mainly because, I’ve just survived one of the most difficult holidays of the year (for me - anyway). New Year’s Eve. Popular culture says that on New Year’s Eve it is our opportunity - maybe even our responsibility- to bid farewell to the past year and to toast in the new year. Being an alcoholic, my assumption is that a toast needs to include alcohol. Sure, I’ve learned to accept unleaded glasses of cheer... But it doesn't mean that settling for them is easy.

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KC said...

congrats B!! I am so proud of you.