Graduation Day!

Since January I've been studying to be a docent at Chicago's Architecture Foundation.
{We know, Molly, it's almost all you ever talk about...}

Well, on Saturday I finally graduated.

Graduation looks a little bit different for this class. No caps and gowns. Instead, I had to give a tour for a very experienced, very seasoned, very helpful docent. It was her responsibility to make sure that I have what it takes to lead tours and represent the organization well.

Reflecting on the Bean

I woke up with a nervous tummy. This was the second certification tour that I've had to give for this class and I was much more nervous this time than I was last time.

But I'm happy to report that despite all the nerves I passed! I'm official. I've joined the ranks of the 400+ talented, dedicated Chicago Architecture Docents. I could not be more proud.

To celebrate I took a walk around the city (and treated myself to a little something sweet). It was a beautiful afternoon and I couldn't help but feel incredibly thankful for Chicago and the opportunities it's providing.

My celebration treat! (It's long gone & was as delicious as it is beautiful.) I'm officially certified for another architecture tour. Yippee.

It's strange to think that the hard work is over. It's strange not to have homework that I should be doing. I can't believe how quickly the time flew by! But, now it's time to enjoy the hard work and serve as a CAF docent. Now it's time to stop being graded and start giving tours.

Yippee! When are you coming on one of my tours?

Are there any graduations happening in your life right now?


What's Really Important

Last week we celebrated the life of a beautiful, warm, feisty woman who left this world much too soon. She battled cancer for 8 years and throughout was a picture of strength, courage and dignity. She continued to provide joy and care for us, her family, until the day she died. Her memorial was overflowing with people whose lives she touched and who will miss her terribly.


As I watched the photo montage that played at the funeral home I was struck. In spite of years battling an evil disease, she lived life to its fullest. She laughed and danced and traveled and surrounded herself with people she loved. She thought of others when it could have been so easy to get bogged down in self-pity and despair. Don't get me wrong, she was no saint. She wasn't perfect. But her death, just like her life, inspired me.

I spend a lot of time each day getting frustrated with silly, little, eternally unimportant things. I waste energy. I waste time.

I'm not naive enough to think that will never ever happen again. But I am hopeful that, maybe just this week, I'll realign, refocus and readjust my attitude. I don't want to give that unimportant stuff any more time or energy than it really deserves. I hope that I'll remember that life is short and it's pretty dang good. And when I'm faced with that annoying bs that so often sucks my joy, maybe instead of getting frustrated and angry I'll do a little "booty" dance. Because I know Debbie would have approved of that.

Happy Monday! 
Here's hoping you take some time to shake your booty this week.


In Bloom

Excuse this little bloggy intermission while I take a moment to enjoy the season.

Spring Flowers
Taken at Chicago Botanic Garden

How are you celebrating spring?