Why I Think Chicago Might Be a Good Fit

Today as we wandered around the streets of Chicago with a dear, dear friend, we happened upon the Puppet Bike.


I couldn't help but think, "Man I'm falling in love with this town."


How an Avocado Put My Life in Perspective

Wanna know how I know that my life is pretty darn good?

Currently, one of my biggest worries is the ripeness of an avocado. Three days ago I bought a very firm avocado. It's been sitting in my window for what feels like an eternity and it is still as hard as a rock. It's totally tempting me and it remains completely inedible. I know it's inedible because I actually bought two avocados. I tried to go ahead and cut into one of the extremely firm little buggers and learned a valuable lesson. Waiting until an avocado ripens is vital to its consumption. Ripeness is NOT only a consistency issue. Firm avocados are a bitter, bitter cross I was not willing - nor should you be expected - to bear. So, like just about everything else in my life  that stupid avocado is teaching me patience. Blurggghh. As a side note, it has also opened my eyes to just how amazing my life is. I have the time to notice, care about and blog about the ripeness of an avocado. I take that to mean that on the whole, things must be going pretty well.

In related news, wanna know how I know that a huge portion of the people I'm "friends" with have a pretty darn good life?

So, so many of them had plenty of time and energy yesterday to bitch about Albert Pujols signing a free agent deal with the Angels to leave the Cardinals. Let me just tell you, if  75% of your Facebook "friends" don't live in St. Louis, you should be thanking your lucky stars. Yesterday it was boo-hoo central up in there. WOW. (For several of you Southerners who read this little blog - that was a baseball reference. I only mention that because I'm aware many below the Mason Dixon line aren't aware of don't follow sports unrelated to the SEC.) It was a bit distressing to read some of the ugliness posted out there in Facebook land. But I'm choosing to believe, that if there's time for that kind of belly aching, on the whole things must be going pretty well for them too.
Anything currently stressing you out?

Here's hoping you have a weekend where your biggest worries are avocados and Dominicanos.


A Season for Giving

Hear ye, hear ye, I have declared December to be a month filled with giving. Okay, so maybe it wasn't originally my idea to focus on giving in December. But go with me here. Maybe it's all the Christmas spirit floating around in the air. Perhaps it's the unadulterated Chicago excitement coursing through my veins. But no matter what it is, I'm feeling incredibly and undeniably generous. I've had plenty of opportunity to recognize how fortunate I (we) are lately and I'm itching to spread a little bit of the goodness around.

So I have another idea that wasn't originally mine.

Recently I was introduced to this really cool, world traveling, entrepreneurial chick named Stephanie. Stephanie is a hammock loving, idea woman who has a dry sense of humor and whips up a mean pumpkin pie. I only had the pleasure of spending one evening with her but I will admit to shamelessly cyber stalking her a few days later. What I discovered is that she's also a humanitarian at heart. I couldn't help but be incredibly inspired by her ten dollar experiment. On her blog, wanderingzito.com, she explains, "I often tell people that 10$ can make a difference to help a cause." In the face of what might be considered an overwhelming variety of causes to care about and support, Stephanie decided to take her own advice. In March of 2011 she decided to give ten dollars to a different charitable organization each day. She liked the project so much she's been doing it ever since.

What a great idea, right? Well, I did tell you that Stephanie is an idea woman. I however, am less of an idea woman and more of joiner. So I'm taking her idea and running with it. I intend to use December as a month for charitable giving with a twist. Each day this month I'll find a new charity and donate at least ten dollars. Since yesterday was World Aids Day I kicked things off by sending ten dollars to support a World Vision organization that provides Business Loans for AIDS Affected Women. According to the blurb on their website, "As the loans are repaid, they are recycled to help other women and children!" That means my small donation will be multiplied. It's hard not to love the thought of that.

I'm looking forward, over the next month, to having my eyes opened to just a few of the countless organizations making a difference in our world. Compiling this list of 31 worthy organizations will undoubtedly be the best "Christmas gift list" I've ever put together.

Anyone else feeling inspired to join in the #give10 project?